B. Ed Final Year Assignment

B. Ed final year assignment
                                                 ASSIGNMENT ABOUT A FILM (PADMAN)        

B. Ed final year assignment

   A  Short   Description of a film emphasizing it Educational / Social value -
The film is the mirror of society. It has shown us the present situation of our society.  Each or every film gives us some important messages related to our life. The film is called story or even recording by a camera as a set massing image and show in a cinema hall or a television. Every film impact in mind and our society.  Sometimes a film can change our attitude, value to society.
So I have chosen a film story namely ‘PADMAN movie. For submitted as our seasonal assignment. Most of the people shown these film and enjoy too.

                This film impacts our life and lots of things have to learn from this film.  Every film has its own moral or social values which teach us some new things.
The movie picture "PADMAN'' is Indian historical parody show movie in 2018, coordinated and composed by R. Balki, including Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte in lead job. It depends on the short story "The clean man of holy land" in Twinkle Khanna's book. The legend of Laxmi Prasad, which is motivated by the life of "Arunachalam Murugananyham" social exercises from Tamil Nadu who presented low-drift clean Pads. The film was discharged dramatically on 9 February 2018.

Summary of padman movie:-
Laxmikanth Chauhan is an accomplice cum apparatus administrator in a workshop . He is against how a woman is treated in his society during the five day menstrual. When he gets married he decides to make thing better for his wife Gayatri and purchases sanitary napkin for her as. She uses dirty cloth during the cycle which is un-hygiene. Laxmi gives one packed napkin to the Gayatri. But Gayatri aske3d him to return the napkin packed as its too expensive. Laxmi then decides to make sanitary napkins himself at a lower cost. He convinces his wife to use it, but they are of no use he tries to makes it much better but he fails. Laxmi is criticized in his village for taking up such initiative following which his family disowns him and he is forced to leave his village. But his hopes don’t die he starts to research on how to make low-cost sanitary napkin for the betterment of woman.
                   After he did not get a fruitful result from his family and medical college he approached, he decided to try it himself by making a uterus out of football bladder and filling goat’s blood in it. He would, the aim was to check the absorption rate of the sanitary napkins made by him, but he failed in this field. Then he tries again and again to make the proper napkins. One day he knew that napkins are made by cellulose fiber. But the making of sanitary napkins machine was too much cost. Then he made his own hand machine to make sanitary napkins machine. Laxmi was successes to make proper sanitary napkins. After few years he was awarded by National Innovation Foundations Grassroots for his low-cost sanitary napkins machine. He provided near about 4800 nos machine in various area of India and advice to all to use napkins pad during the menstrual period of ladies by paying only rupees 2 /-.In 2016 he was awarded from Government of India as Padmashree. Now he is famous in all India as ` PADMAN’.
Real Life Of PADMAN
Early Life: The original name of padman is 'Arunachalam Muruganantham'. He was conceived in 1962. His dad name S. Arunachalam and mother name A. Vanita, who was handloom weaver in combater India. Muruganantham experiences childhood in neediness after his dad kicked the bucket in a street mishap. His mom filled in as a ranch work to help in his investigations. Be that as it may, at 14 years old years, he dropped out of school. He provided nourishment in assembly line laborer and took up the different activity as a mechanical device administrator, Yam-moving specialist, cultivate worker, and welder to help his family.
Invention:- In 1998, he married Shanti shortly after, Muruganantham discovered his wife clothing filthy rage and newspaper to use during her menstrual cycle, as sanitary napkins made by multinational co-operation were expensive. Troubled by this he starts designing experimental pad. Initially, he made the pad out of cotton, but these were rejected by his wife and sister. Eventually, they stopped co-operating with him and refused to be the test subject for innovation. He realized that the raw materials cost 10 paise but the end product sold for forty times that price. He looked for a female volunteer who could test his invention, but most were too shy to discuss their menstrual issued with him. He starts testing on himself, using a bladder with animal blood, but become the subject of ridicule when the sanitary pad was discovered in his village. He distributed his product fee to girls in a local Medical college, Hopping that they would give him feedback. It took him two years, to discover that commercial pads used cellulose fiber derived from pine bark would pulp. The fiber helped the pad absorb while retaining shape but making pad machine is high cost. He devised a low-cost machine that could be operated with minimal training.
In 2006, he visited IIT Madras to show his idea and received suggestions. They registered his invention for National Innovation Foundations Grassroots, Technological Innovation award, it owns the award Muruganantham invention is widely praised as a key step in changing woman Live in Indian. He gives new life in rural areas woman. During the menstrual period, woman faces various problems. To reduce the various disease or problem of women he Innovation the sanitary napkins pad.
Social and Educational/Human Value:-
PADMAN movie provides a great message to the woman about the use of sanitary pads during the menstrual period. India is such country here only 10% women as napkins pad. It is not just the rural woman in India also the majority of lower economic classes’ women in urban areas also do not practice hygiene method of protection during the period. There is a shame infused in the women of the patriarchal society about monthly periods. It is preached in many religions that period are impure and a menstruating woman is polluted. This padman movie tries to bring change our society. It teaches our society women menstruation is a natural process. In this time women have to try to clean because the dirty may be causes of plague or other diseases. Padman movie creating awareness among the people to know the better health and hygiene.
Conclusion:- In conclusion, we can say that the PADMAN movie which aims to increases assess to sanitary products for women and girls. The film aims to remove the stigma around periods. This film calls us to developed a country, we must develop women status in our society. Padman also teaches us ` No one can help you till you self-help yourself.


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