Happy New Year 2019 Wishes for friends and Family

 Happy New Year 2019 

How to celebrate New Year 2019   


        Friends, I am very happy to inform you that the upcoming new year 2019 is going to start on your very favorite day 'Tuesday'. 

         So at the beginning of the new year 2019, I greeted my heartiest love to all the peoples of the universe and congratulated them and wishes them all the best.

             The new year is a new hope symbol, which brings us new inspiration, the arrival of this new year and the end of the old year is one of the world's traditions.    

         Friends, On the way to the end of the year 2018, we have dreamed of the new year 2019. Everywhere in the world, we can see this wonderful festival of the new year. Everyone from a child to old age only dreams of the new year. Many people cannot forget the past memories. Friend’s, people's dreams never end, and people can never live without any dreams. So we all are looking for new years and new ones. However, we cannot forget the past anytime. Friends, I wish you all the best wishes for the new year 2019. Happy New Year is known for celebrating the New Year, and at this time people can enjoy happily with the upcoming years. People enjoy with the joy of the last day of the year and are ready for next year. People pray that God will bring in great happiness and enjoyment in their lives in the coming year. It is just a few days left to celebrate the first day of New Year 2019. And we are very excited to celebrate this new day. Because it is the day that a new year will start. And it will be another big celebration of the new year after Christmas Eve celebration. Since the Happy New Year 2019 is just a few days away from us. Some people get excited because it's a new year and a new startup for them.

         Some people celebrate the new year on the open field because they can enjoy their party and their lives freely on that particular day. Most people celebrate with their family and friends in every new year and some go for spent their vacation. Even to celebrate the new year on this day, all schools, colleges, government departments, and non-government organizations also remain closed. On that special new year day, all hotels and shops remain open for the whole night because everyone wants to take part in drink party during the whole night. On the other hand, many young generations choose the club as it is the best place to do a new year party including dances, singing drinking etc.

New year wishing

        Many many days ago, people were wishes their relatives by telephone, paper greeting card etc. Nowadays, we offered new year greetings with the help of online media platforms through  Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Along with these, we also greet them by sending the text messages and pictures messages of the new year. Also, a number of special events are broadcast on TV, which also increases the inspiration of New Year celebrations among us. Moreover, at the initial moment of every new year, various celebrity star started their new year special shows and programme.

  New year's delicious foods.
       One of the main events of the new year is to prepare the delicious food at night. The whole night people prepare food for different tastes and they all enjoy eating at night together. More people like to eat protein meat on that night, and again many people eat a vegetable. People of different religions celebrate their own art culture with great pleasure. During the new year celebration, people of various countries made various CAKE, PATTY with the help of various rice powder. Also, all the people go to Church, Temple, and Masjid for pray to god.

New year gifts
       On the new year occasion traditionally peoples buy chose full things and gifted new things,  new clothes, new cars, and new homes to their dear ones. On the other hand, many people take new entry in their newly constructed building in a new year.

Happy new year 2019 wishing message:-

1.  Wonderful, wonderful, you are wonderful
     every year comes you without any fail.

    you are the creator of our little mind,
    we are the children, we are your friend.

 2. You're always immortal,
     You're always immortal,
     As long as the world is immortal.
     You are Welcome ‘ new year’
    You are Welcome ‘ new year’
     When You arrive in nature
     We become crazy in your love.

3. Today's mission is celebrating the new year's,
    Greetings and good wishes to all my dears.
    One should not fall  drop of tears,
    Just wait for a happy New Year.

4. I wish you a happy new year 2019,
    I Hope and pray to god in this new year 2019,
   Your dream to reach up to the top of the Everest mountain.

 5.May this glorious new year “2019” 
      bring lots of pleasure in  your life hole,

      Again I wish, you are only one 
      that you will achieve your golden goal.

6. Will not go the new year Dry.
    I am doing your meat fry.
    Do not cry baby don’t cry
    We all go for the market,
    To buy your Cricket bat.
    We all go for Market,
    To buy your baby doll Cat.
    To make your new year great.

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