Previous year competitive Exam General Science Questions and solutions

Previous year competitive Exam General Science (Physics) Questions and solutions

GK Science

 Q1. During the night time the permissible noise level at residential area
(a) 55 dB(A)
(b) 75 dB(A)
(c) 80 dB(A)
(d)45 dB (A)

Q2. S.I. Unit of electric charge is
(a) ampere
(c) volt

Q3 A Metallic ball rolls down on two inclined planes of different
angles but same height it does so
(a)At the same time with the same speed
(b)at the same time with the same kinetic energy
(c)at the same time
(d)with the same speed

Q4 When an Ice cube added to a glass of pure water and a glass
of pure alcohol separately, the ice would be
(a)at a higher level in the water
(b)at a higher level in alcohol
(c)at the same level in both
(d)floating in alcohol and sinking in water

Q5 More Refrigeration
(a)kills bacteria
(b)slows down the bacterial growth
(c)Inactivates the bacteria
(d)Plasmolysis the bacteria

Q6. Most harmful radiation produced by the reaction is -
(a) Fusion reaction
(b) Fission reaction
(c) Chemical reaction
(d) Photo Chemical reaction

Q7. Diode is used -
(a) for modulation

Q8. The Energy in reflected light
(a)Independent depends on the angle of incidence
(b)increases with the increase in angle
(c) decreases in the angle of incidence
(d) becomes maximum for 45° angle of incidence

Q9. What happens to a liquid when the vapour pressure becomes equals the atmospheric pressure?
(a)The liquid cools
(b)The liquid boils
(c) No change

Q10.The four-stroke engine is based on
(a) Otto cycle
(b) Carnot cycle
(c) Diesel cycle
(d) Boyles cycle

Q11. If the graphical representation of velocity- time of a particle is
 y = mt + k, then the particle is moving with
(a) varying acceleration
(b) same velocity
(c) constant acceleration
(d) none

Q12. Oil spreads over water because of
(a) water oil is lighter than oil
(b)oil is more viscous
(c)oil does not mix with water
(d)the surface tension of oil is smaller than that of water

Q13.Lime water turns milky in the presence of
(a)Carbon dioxide
(b)Sulphur dioxide

Q14. A piece of wood is floated on the water surface. The upthrust on it
will be-
(a) Zero
(b) less than the weight of the wood
(c) more than the weight of the wood
(d) equal to the weight of the wood

Q15.  ………… is used in MRI machine.
(a) Magnetic wave
(c)Ultrasound wave
(d) Electrical wave

Q16.A container containing full water shows less deep due to
(a) reflection
(b) diffraction
(c) refraction
(d) none of the above

Q17.Size of the shadow depends upon
(a)Size of the object.
(b)the position of object and source of light.
(c)the distance of light
(d)all the above.

Q18. Kwh (Kilowatt hour) is the unit of ……………

Q19.The instrument used to measure and records the relative
humidity of air is
(a) Hydrometer
(b) Hygrometer
(c) Lux meter
(d) Barometer

Q20.The highly directional Light beam is called:
(a) X-ray
(d) laser

Q21.The graphical slope of velocity -time represents
(a) acceleration
(b) displacement
(c) distance
(d) speed

Q22.When a train is running on the railway track-
(a)The only force of engine acts.
(b) The only force of gravity acts
(c)Force of friction acts.
(d)All the above acts together.
Q23 Which of the following is the example of non-contact force
(a)Muscular force.
(b)Gravitational force
(c)Magnetic force
(d)Both (a)and (b)

Q24.Night photography and photography in the mist are possible by using-
(a) Alfa radiation
(b)infrared radiation
(c)microwave radiation
(d)gamma radiation

Q25.As per the theory of relativity, which of the below given alternative ways remain constant?
(a)Length of an object
(d)Velocity of light

 Q26.The technology of underground nuclear explosion is developed by-
(a) Dr. Horn J. Bhabha
(b)Dr. V. Sarabhai
(c)Dr. R. Ramanna
(d)Dr. P. K. Iyengar

Q27. The density of a gas is maximum at
(a) Low temperature low pressure
(b) Low temperature high pressure
(c) High temperature low pressure
(d) High temperature high pressure

Q28.A fountain pen Works on the principle of
(a)the flow of liquids from higher to lower potential
(b) capillary action
(c)Bernoulli’s principle
(d)Viscosity of liquids

Q29What will be the braking force of the car to stop it when the speed of car is doubled in the same 
(a) four times
(b) two times
(c) half
(d) one fourth

Q30.The full form of ATM stands for
(a) Automated Teller Machine
(b) Automatic Teller Machine
(c)Automatic Tally Machine
(d). Automated Tally Mechanism

Q31. The working principle of Fibre optics
(a) optical rotation
(b)total internal absorption
(c)total internal reflection
(d) scattering of light
Q32.When the diameter of a capillary is doubled, the rise of
water in it will be
(a) half
(b) two times
(c) four times
(d) no change

Q33The earth wire of a electric equipment is connected to
(a)the outer metallic body of the appliance
(b)the fuse of the appliance
(c)the filament of the appliance
(d)short circuitry of the appliance

Q34 The cream separates from milk after churned due to:
(a)Frictional force
(b)Centrifugal force
(c)Gravitational force
(d)Viscous forces

Q35.The mass of the Sun is half of the mass of a star. Where it will come to an end?
(a) of Neutron Star
(b)of Blackhole
(c)of White Dwarf
(d)of Red Giant
Q36. From the same height, a stone is fell rapidly than a parachute, because
(a) stone is heavier than parachute
(b)special mechanisms are present in parachute
(c) the parachute has the larger surface area and air resistance is more than stone.
(d)None of these

Q37. The energy stored in a hand watch spring is
(a) kinetic energy (K.E.)
(b) potential energy (P.E.)
(c) Electric energy
(d) None of the above.

Q38. A needle of iron is floated on the water surface when kept gently, because of
(a) It's  shape
(b) the density of needle is more than that of water
(c) Surface tension
(d) it displaces more water than its weight

Q39.The atmospheric layer which is used for radio wave transmission is
(c) Ionosphere

Q40.The substance which has got more heat capacity is
(a) piece of Iron
(b) Water
(c) piece of Gold
(d) Benzene

Q41. Which one of the following gases burns with pop sound?
(c)Carbon dioxide
(d)Sulphur dioxide

Q42.The resistance of a Conductor depends upon
(a)The insulator of the conductor
(b)Length of the conductor
(c)Cross section of the conductor.
(d) Both (b) and (c)

Q43. The coal which produces most heat per unit is
(a) Pit Coal
(b) Lignite Coal
(c) Anthracite coal

(d) none of the above

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