General Science questions and answers for the competitive exam .

General  Science ( Physics ) questions and answers for the competitive exam.
For SSC, JE,  Railway RRB, ASM, TTE, TC, NTPC, GROUP-C, GROUP-D, and Bank Exam.
GK Science

1. The Bernoulli’s theorem is
a)       Energy conservation
b)      Mass conservation
c)       Both of these
d)      None of these
2. Which of the following effect is call Edison effect
a)       Photoelectric effect
b)      Thermionic emission
c)       Both of these
d)      None of these
3. An object weight is maximum in
a)       Hydrogen
b)      Water
c)       Air
d)      vacuum
4. A person in a moving bus thrown up a ball. If the ball falls behind him then the bus must be moving with a uniform
a)       Speed
b)      Velocity
c)       Acceleration
d)      None of the above.
5. The SI unit of electric flux is
a)       Nm²/coul.
b)      nm²/coul²
c)       N. coul/m²
d)      None of the above.
6. Stephen Hawking is a
a)       Scientist
b)      Guitarist
c)       Pianist
d)      Politician.
7.Who gave the history of gravity
a)       Isaac Newton
b)      John Adams
c)       Charles Newton
d)      Charles Babbage
8.Cloudy nights are warmer than cloud-free night because of  
a)       Depletion in the ozone layer
b)      Greenhouse effect
c)       Infrared radiation
d)      Land surface radiation
9. The magnetic effect of electric current is first observed by
a)       Henry
b)      Faraday
c)       Oersted
d)      Volt
10.The most familiar form of radiant energy in sunlight that causes tanning and sunburning of human skin, is called
a)       Visible radiation
b)      Infrared radiation
c)       UV radiation
d)      Microwave radiation
11.The process of lamination or coated on the iron is called
a)       Galvanization
b)      Electroplating
c)       Ionization
d)      None of the above.
12. Who was the inventor of the lightning conductor?
a)       Lord Lister
b)      B. Franklin
c)       Graham Bell
d)      Einstein
13.The electric bulb is discovered by
a)       T. Edison
b)      Alexander Graham Bell
c)       William Cook
d)      Terry Edison
14. One astronomical unit is the average distance between
a)       The sun and earth
b)      The moon and earth
c)       The Jupiter and sun
d)      The Pluto and sun
15. The coil in a heater is made of
a)       Copper
b)      Tungsten
c)       Nichrome
d)      Iron
16.The filament of an electric bulb is made of  
a)       Copper
b)      Tungsten
c)       Lead
d)      Iron
17. The shortest unit of length is
a)       Micron
b)      Nanometer
c)       Fermimeter
d)      Angstrom
18. Which one of the following is not needed in a nuclear fission reactor
a)       Coolant
b)      Accelerator
c)       Control device
d)      Moderator
19. The three (3) fundamental colours are
a)       Red, yellow, blue.
b)      Red, green, blue.
c)       Red, green, yellow
d)      Blue yellow, green
20.The light is a
a)       Longitude wave
b)      Transverse wave
c)       Both
d)      None of the wave

21. In which state of a matter, molecular attractions are very strong
a)       Solid
b)      Liquid
c)       Gas
d)      Vapour
22. With conventional symbols, the lens formula is given by
a)       1/v- 1/u=1/f
b)      1/u-1/v=1/f
c)       1/v+1/u=1/f
d)      v+u=f
23. The weight of a human body is
a)       Maximum at the poles
b)      Maximum at the equator
c)       Same at every place of the earth surface.
d)      None of the above.
24. The product of the moment of inertia and angular acceleration is called
a)       Force
b)      Work
c)       Torque
d)      Angular momentum
25. A piece of ice is floated on the water surface containing in a vessel and when the ice piece melts the water level in the vessel will-
a)       Increases
b)      Decreases
c)       Remain the same
d)      None of the above
26. The radioisotopes used in the treatment of blood cancer (leukemia) is
a)       Cobalt-60
b)      Phosphorus-32
c)       Iodine-131
d)      Sodium-24
27. An iron nail  floats on mercury but sinks in water because of
a)       The weight of iron nail is more than but less than water
b)      The density of iron is less than water but less than mercury.
c)       Both of the above
d)      None of the above
28. Among the following which one is a most expanded substance on being heated
a)       Water
b)      Alcohol
c)       Glass
d)      Air
29. A cyclist leans himself around a turning because
a)       The speed of both cycle  and man should be the same
b)      He bends to locate the center of the gravity inside the base which prevents him from falling down
c)       He bends to exert pressure on the cycle’s wheels too on the curved track
d)      None of the above

 30. If two pieces of ice are mutually pressed to each other then these pieces stick because
a)       At high pressure the melting point of ice decreases
b)      At high pressure the melting point of ice increases
c)       At high pressure, the melting point of ice firstly decreases and then increases
d)      None of the above.
31. The apparent weight of a person sitting in a lift is less than its real weight when the lift moves
a)       Upwards with an acceleration
b)      Downwards with an acceleration
c)       Upwards with equal velocity
d)      Downwards with equal velocity
32. The ratio of the transverse deformation and the longitudinal deformation is called
a)       Rigidity modulus of elasticity
b)      The bulk modulus of elasticity
c)       Young,s  modulus of elasticity
d)      Poisson ratio.
33.Which of the following force is exerted by a cream separator  machine on the milk
a)       Non-centrifugal force
b)      Centripetal force
c)       Centrifugal force
d)      External force
34. The raindrops are spherical due to
a)       Surface tension
b)      The gravity of the spherical earth
c)       Atmospheric friction of air molecules
d)      The viscosity of the raindrops
35. The unit of viscosity is
a)       Newton
b)      Poise
c)       Poiseuille
d)      Pascal
36. The scientist associated with floatation is
a)       Archimedes
b)      Newton
c)       Louis Pasteur
d)      None of the above
37. The velocity of sound in the air /vacuum is
a)       330m/sec
b)      220m/sec
c)       110m/sec
d)      232m/sec
38. The frequency of Ultrasonic wave is
a)       Less than 20Hz
b)      More  than 20Hz
c)       More than 20,000 Hz
d)      Between 20 Hz-20,000 Hz
39. The frequency of Infrasonic wave is
a)       Less than 20Hz
b)      More  than 20Hz
c)       More than 20,000 Hz
d)      Between 20 Hz-20,000 Hz
40.Sonar is frequently used for
a)       Astronauts
b)      Navigations
c)       Engineers
d)      None of the above.
41. The frequency of the siren of a coming train appears to be increasing because of
a)       Big- bang theory
b)      Doppler’s effect
c)       Charles's law
d)      Archimedes's principle
42. When a ball drops onto the floor it bounces because
a)       As Newton's third law implies that for every action (drop) there is a reaction (bounce)
b)      The floor gives a force on the ball during the impact.
c)       The floor is perfectly rigid
d)      The floor heats up on impact.
43. The lowest possible temperature is
a)       -273
b)      0
c)       -300
d)      1
44.The temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales have the same is
a)       -60°
b)      -40°
c)       -20°
45.Which of the following is the best conductor of heat?
a)       Mercury
b)      Water
c)       Leather
d)      benzene
46. A boat is floating on a lake, the weight of the water displaced by the boat is
a)       Less than the weight of the boat.
b)      More than the weight of the boat.
c)       Equal to the weight of the part of the boat which is below the water level of the lake.
d)      Equal to the weight of the boat.
47.  A glass of water does not turn into ice as it reaches 0. It is because
a)       A certain amount of heat must be taken out from the glass so as to solidify
b)      Water does not solidify at  0.
c)       A certain amount of heat must be supplied out from the glass so as to solidify
d)      None of the above.
48. The rainbow appears due to
a)       Reflection
b)      Refraction
c)       Both reflection and refraction
d)      scattering
49. The Sky appears blue due to
a)       Reflection
b)      Refraction
c)       Both reflection and refraction
d)      Scattering
50.The diffusion of light in the atmosphere is due to
a)       Dust particle
b)      Carbon dioxide
c)       Water vapour
d)      helium
51. An air bubble in water acts like a
a)       Convex mirror
b)      Concave mirror
c)       Convex lens
d)      Concave lens
52. A body is thrown vertically upwards and then falls back on the ground . its potential energy is maximum
a)       On the ground
b)      At the maximum height.
c)       During the return journey
d)      None of the above.
53.the rainbow is produced when sunlight falls on raindrops. For which of the following physical phenomenon its happened
a)       Dispersion
b)      Refraction
c)       Refraction and internal reflection
d)      All of the above  
54. When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves, the pole strength of each piece
a)       Become zero
b)      Become double
c)       Become half
d)      Remains same
55. A hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of
a)       Nuclear fusion
b)      Nuclear fission
c)       Both of them
d)      None of the above.
56. Ohm’s law defines
a)       A resistance
b)      Current only
c)       Voltage only
d)      Both current and voltage
57. In the nuclear reactor, heavy water (D2O) is used in the form of
a)       Coolant
b)      Custodian
c)       Controler
d)      moderator
58. After a hot sunny day, people sprinkle water on the rooftop because
a)       Water helps to absorb the heat instantly by air around the rooftop.
b)      Water has lower specific heat capacity.
c)       Water has a large latent heat of vaporization.
d)      None of the above.
59. X-ray was invented by
a)       Hopkin
b)      Marconi
c)       Roentgen
d)      None of the above.
60.Which one of the following is used in measuring altitudes?
a)       Altimeter
b)      Barometer
c)       Plane meter
d)      Hydrometer
61.The device through which the intensity of the sun rays  is measured
a)       Barometer
b)      Actinometer
c)       Crescograph
d)      Astrometer
62. The device to record and to reproduce the direction of the recording is called
a)       Audiophone
b)      Gramophone
c)       Detectophone
d)      Microphone
63. Which type of energy is absent in the ideal gas
a)       Kinetic energy
b)      Potential energy
c)       Both of them
d)      None of the above
64. Which of the following light has the maximum energy?
a)       Violet light
b)      Greenlight
c)       Red light
d)      Yellow light
65. The temperature of a healthy human body is
a)       27
b)      37
c)       -0
d)      73
66. The echo is produced by the sound wave due to
a)       Reflection
b)      Refraction
c)       Scattering
d)      None of the above.

67. A cricketer catches a speedy coming ball just by pulling his hands back because
a)       The ball can exert a larger forces
b)      The ball can come to a rest position
c)       The ball can be accelerated
d)      The ball can exert a lesser force.
68.the weight of an object of mass 1 kg can be expressed as
a)       1N
b)      10N
c)       9.8N
d)      9N
69. Which type of mirror is used for saving
a)       Concave mirror
b)      Convex mirror
c)       Plane mirror
d)      None of the above.

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