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                  Hi Friends , I am Parimal Mazumdar , my profession is teaching mostly but also i am a central government employee in Indian Railway . Friends welcome to my www.mathtuitor.online  and let me introduce myself to you. I am interested to Teach about Mathematics and other essential topics needed for students through my  side www.mathtuitor.online .

                 Friends www.mathtuitor.online  is a site started by me on 02.10.2018 . This sites covers a wide range of competitive Mathematics topics, competitive Science topics , important Articles of school & college and others.

                 Mission of my   www.mathtuitor.online  site is to develop the knowledge of Mathematics and science for  all up coming child & young generation . How to success in competitive exam and also to forward them various Articles which can ever help in their life

                      Friends, I hope all follower will definitely gain through this site. I shall try my best to provide you a unique proper , highly inspirable   guide which will carry out you to your desire platform. 
Thank you.

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